Museum of the Mountain Man presents “Three Worlds Meet” at Murthly Castle and Strathbraan Estates in Perthshire, Scotland

September 3rd-8th members of the AMM (American Mountain Man Association) and, Shoshone Indian Tribe and representatives of the Museum of the Mountain Man flew to Scotland to reenact a rendezvous of cultures that took place some 175 years ago.

Here is a glimpse  of the activities that went on there.


10616248_10152418350821553_7655710543012320221_n    The back side of Murthly Castle



10646903_10152418350811553_5811712852929186624_n  The Chapel and Murthly Castle


10628216_10152418351516553_7260522652465824475_n  The cottage where Alfred Jacob Miller possibly completed the majority of the Rocky Mountain, Fur Trade, Mountain Men and Rendezvous Paintings.



10615493_10152418350891553_4368742806219783116_n  A Scottish clan from the Blairgowrie Highland games pose for a picture with the AMM.


994492_10152418352161553_5248060144903142551_n  Doc Ivory setting up camp



10258456_10152418351631553_7402389487014507016_n Laird of Murthly Castle, Thomas Steuart Fothringham’s son James learning how to start a Mountain Man fire from Doc Ivory.


10541967_10152418353076553_2022670600785675220_n   William Drummond Stewart’s grove of fir trees he brought back from the Rocky Mountains.



10649703_10152418352016553_8730640850393335809_n   Doc Ivory poses with two of the Scottish Clan from the Blairgowrie Highland games.


10628293_10152418351841553_4622090573531428073_n  Doc Ivory imparts some mountain man wisdom.



10689808_10152418352271553_117966261508643872_n   Doyle Reid of the AMM lets a Scottish lad feel the weight of his rifle.



10644817_10152418351606553_7850400621617172240_n   Doc Ivory and Silver Hawk show how to use flint to make a fire.


10644817_10152418352936553_1399534766049653933_n  Stretching beaver in the grove of trees. 


10599242_10152418352551553_9199157703248053563_n  Silver Hawk explains a beaver trap.


1520815_10152418352621553_8256797852104993814_n    Scott Walker of the AMM visits with Scottish Highlanders.