Three Worlds Meet-7/12/13 & 7/13/13

Friday & Saturday, July 12th & 13th

Three Worlds Meet animates Alfred Jacob Miller’s sketches and paintings through the “magic” of tableaux vivants. Popular in 19th century America, tableaux vivants use costumed actors in sustained poses to imitate well-known artworks. Based on rigorous scholarship, the Three Worlds Meet script and narrative features the words of William Drummond Stewart, Alfred Jacob Miller, and other fur trade personalities, as well as the languages and cultures of Native Americans. The Three Worlds Meet production, a series of tableaux vivants with narration, sound, and lighting effects, will debut during the Green River Rendezvous Days in July 2013.

The organizers plan to bring entertaining and innovative programs to additional venues, such as Jackson Hole and Murthly Castle in Perthshire, Scotland, the ancestral home of William Drummond Stewart.

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