Future Developments

Our vision for the future includes additions to the current museum that could exhibit the very best of historical, western, landscape and wildlife arts. Proposed additions would include an Archeology Wing and Art Wing.

Art defines the culture of a people and provides a sense of community. Significant painting, sculpture and other media preserve culture and bring history alive to a broader audience.

Archeology examines past human cultures by studying the material culture such as artifacts and features left behind. The Upper Green River Valley is rich in archeological evidence of people living in this region 5,00 to 7,00 years ago. With such a wealth of archeological resources available, the addition of an Archeology Wing would offer the Museum of the Mountain Man a unique opportunity to display and highlight the knowledge attained from the vast number of archeological investigations conducted in the area.

The additions will also provide space for conference and venue rental which can bring much needed revenue for the community as we strive to find additional income resources. Art & History Museums across the country have significant economic impact on their communities. Economic impact studies at museums across the country have shown the additional income to local retail, restaurants and hospitality that museums and their venue space creates. Institutions also create meaningful jobs for the community.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be a part of planning for the future of this community please contact us today.   307-367-4101  email: director@mmmuseum.com