2021 Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Journal


Latest research of the Rocky Mountain fur trade!

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8 inch x 11 inch paperback
160 pages
Full Color

The 2021 Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Journal will be launched at Green River Rendezvous July 8-11, 2021.  A copy will be sent to all members the first week in July. Pre-orders are now being accepted and will be shipped by July 12, 2021.


Articles in this volume:

In the Absence of the Indians: Looting of American Indian Graves During the Fur Trade
by Mark van de Logt, PhD, and Dan Jibréus

Welcome to my Indian Weed! Tobacco and the Fur Trade
by James A. Hanson, PhD

Grand Ignace: Apostle of the Flatheads
by George Capps

Sublette’s Trace: The Fur Trade’s Influence on Emigrant Trails
by Jim Hardee

The Fort Hall Account Book: Sales Patterns and Seasonal Cycles
by Michael P. Schaubs

For a further description and Editor’s Notes see Volume 15 – 2021

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