Etienne Provost, Man of the Mountains


This is a book that will be of interest to any student of history, early Americana and/or the frontier and formation of what was to become the United States of America.


The events of (Provost’s) life represent a looking glass into the total history of the Rocky Mountain fur trade. It would have been very difficult to find a person closely associated with the beaver trade in the American west who did not know Etienne, but considered him one of the outstanding individuals of that era. From Santa Fe and Taos to remote valleys of the Rocky Mountains and executive offices of the giant fur companies in St. Louis, his name was known and recognized as one who knew and understood every facet of the business, whether it be trading with Ute Indians in the Great Basin, escaping the treachery of an ambush planned by Shoshone on a remote River which bore his name on early maps, attending the first rendezvous with William Ashley in 1825, guiding a fur trade caravan to or from the annual rendezvous, carrying messages, or accompanying new recruits for the American Fur Company up the River to a remote trading post, his services were recognized as invaluable. Etienne Provost; Man of the Mountains, reveals the life and adventures of this giant among fur trade personalities and is welcome addition to the understanding of this remarkable are of the American West.

ISBN – 0-943604-23-0

225 Pages

Eagle’s View Publishing, 1989