Going Along With Lewis & Clark


This books you right with the Corps of Discovery, and helps show what the trip was like for the men, one woman, and the baby who made up the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803-1806. Learn about who the people were and whom they met, what they ate and wore, and how they traveled. LET’S GET GOING!

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Step into the boats at St. Louis and travel along with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Up the Missouri River all the way to its headwaters. Over the Rocky Mountains. Down more rivers to the Pacific Ocean. You’ll be gone most of three years, rowing and pulling the boats, walking, climbing mountains on horseback, carrying boats and supplies around big waterfalls and river rapids.

Everything you’ll need but didn’t bring along, you have to hunt, trade for with Indians, or make for yourself. You can’t speak the languages of the people you will meet, but sometimes interpreters can help.

You don’t know exactly how far you’re going, or when you’ll return. You’ll see animals and mountains and waters like nothing you ever knew before. Most of the people who already live there will welcome you, share their food, and enjoy visiting, singing, and dancing together.

ISBN – 978-1-56037-151-9

48 Pages

FarCountry Press, 2000