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Along with Peter Copeland’s detailed, carefully researched drawings, you’ll also find informative captions describing the distinguishing features of each park, its wildlife, plants and the visitor activities available. The result is not only an enjoyable and informative coloring book, but a useful survey of the major attractions of these splendid preserves.

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Congress established Yellowstone, The nation’s first national park, in 1872. Today there are 51 national parks with the United States, encompassing an extraordinary diversity of terrain, animal life and vegetation. From the dry deserts of Big Bend National Park in Texas to the icy wilderness of Gates of the Artic National Park in Alaska, the wonderful natural heritage of America’s national parks is your to color and enjoy in the exciting new coloring book. Among the other parks featured are Grand Canyon, Everglades, Great Smoky Mountains, Mammoth Cave, Petrified Forest and many more.

ISBN – 978-0-486-27832-2

64 Pages

Dover Publications, 1993