Sage: A Lark’s Story


Sage is a pretty little Horned Lark. She has a beautiful array o feathers and sings like only a songbird can. In Sage: A Lark’s Story, you will learn all about this magnificent bird, her life, her mate, and her family.

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Told from the perspective of Sage, the Horned Lark, the book offers a delightful bird’s eye view of this unique species, including her appearance, family, habits, survival, and more. The book also shares fun, educational experiments to do at home that will teach you even more about what makes a Horned Lark so special. With Sage’s inviting, informative approach, Sage: A Lark’s Story is sure to make any animal lover even more curious about the world of a bird, and launch a lifelong passion for learning all about them.

ISBN – 978-1491028711

21 Pages

Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 2013