The Improbable Journey


In The Improbable Journey artist/author Gerry Metzre-creates that expedition through more than sixty paintings and numerous sketches, plus detailed narrative including introductions to the most memorable members of the Corps and excerpts from the Lewis and Clark journals.

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Of all the momentous events in the early history of the United States, perhaps the most significant was the Louisiana Purchase of 1804, by which a great swath of the North American continent was conveyed by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte of France o the still-young nation for fifteen million dollars.

Nearly doubling the size of the new nation, the Louisiana Purchase allowed President Thomas Jefferson to send Meriwether Lewis, William Clark, and their Corps of Discovery on an epic two-year journey to explore the new lands from the Mississippi river to the Pacific Ocean.

ISBN – 978-0-615-40744-9

118 Pages

G.M. Metz Publishing, 2010