An AMM Interview – Mike Powell

An Interview with Mr. Mike “Silver-Hawk” Powell (our Museum Factor)
“Hi Mike, How long have you been a Mountain Man?”
“Well, I’ve studied primitive stone and bone since 1990, bought my first Teepee in ’92 and joined the AMM in 1998.”
“What drew you to being a Mountain Man?”
“By the time I turned 35 I realized I wasn’t going to be Tarzan, Robin Hood or the Lone Ranger…so I figured being a mountain man was the next best thing. I’m kinda the lone wolf of the family.”
“And what do you like about it?”
“Im very interested in survival skills, and making and selling things never gets old. I hated History when I was a kid, but now I love it! So does my wife, Shes a member of the Women of the Fur Trade, We’ve been doing demonstrations for 20 years. And we make some pretty great capotes ”
“And what are you wearing right now? What is this look called?”
“It’s called Mountaineer swag!…*laughs* Just kidding it’s really called a St. Louis Trapper.”
Mike Powell passed away June 3rd, 2015.  The energy, dedication, and love he brought to the Museum of the Mountain Man and our community enhanced the lives of everyone he met. He will be missed more than words can say.