2018 Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Journal, Volume 12


An annual academic peer-reviewed publication intended to further the knowledge and discussion of the Rocky Mountain fur trade era and provide an avenue for researchers to showcase their work.



Volume 12 features six new articles:

  • The Bones of More and Foy
    by Michael J. Evetts
    Searching for the Stephens Party ambush site. A forgotten story in the aftermath of the 1832 Battle of Pierre’s Hole.
  • A Keelboat Petroglyph: A New Discovery in the Bighorn Basin of Wyoming
    by Michael T. Bies
    One of the earliest known representations of fur trade era watercraft by indigenous people.
  • A Warrior’s Pride: Native Illustration and the Written Record
    by Journal Staff
    A remarkable war shirt likely illustrating the opening battle of the Arikara War of 1823.
  • “Now We Go”: Snake Country Freemen and the Desertions of May 1825
    by Thomas H. Holloway
    New perspective of the men involved and causes of this now famous international incident.
  • The Spark in the Powder: Iroquois Freemen Trappers in the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
    by Dr. Jay H. Buckley and Lyn S. Clayton
    Comparing the success of Iroquois trappers with British verses American Fur companies.
  • “The Hunters of Kentucky” Reach Rendezvous
    by Scott Walker
    Music that can clearly be placed in the mountains and the Nez Perce man who made it his own.

The Journal was released during this year’s 2018 Green River Rendezvous Days at the Museum. The vol. 12  Journal Awards and Author Signing took place July 12, 2018 6:00pm at the Museum of the Mountain Man in Pinedale, Wyoming.

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