2019 Rocky Mountain Fur Trade Journal, Volume 13


An annual academic peer-reviewed publication intended to further the knowledge and discussion of the Rocky Mountain fur trade era and provide an avenue for researchers to showcase their work.


In this Volume:

Distant Thunder, Ghost Artillery in the Early
American West
by Mike Bryant
Unexplained sounds reminded early travelers of cannon fire, but the cause remains unexplained to this day.

The Cost of Shooting a Gun in the Rocky Mountain West
by Michael P. Schaubs
An analysis of how much each shot cost a mountaineer based on records from two western trading posts.

William Drummond Stewart, The H’ar of the
Grizzly in Him
by Alan McFarland
The story of Stewart’s time in the British Army and the Battle of Waterloo, a background that prepared him for life in the mountains.

Nathaniel Wyeth: Double-Crossed on the Green River
by Jim Hardee
Many of the events the rendezvous of 1834 is known for did not happen at Ham’s Fork. This article sets the record straight.

American Contracted Rifles of the Rocky Mountain Fur Trade
by Vic Nathan Barkin
Company requirements for a basic rifle laid out the specifications for this standard firearm.

Licenses to Trade with Indians
compiled by Journal Staff
Traders headed beyond the frontier were regulated by law, bonded and required to carry a license, resulting in a rich primary source of information.

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