A Collector’s Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle


A Collector’s Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle and its Predecessors, the Models 1895 and 1899

Incorporating unparalleled depth and precision, this robust publication serves as the quintessential reference for all things related to the Savage 99 family. Whether you are a devoted collector, a history buff, or simply an avid firearms enthusiast, this extraordinary volume is a must-have addition to your literary arsenal.


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Discover the ultimate guide to the illustrious Savage 99 family of centerfire rifles in this comprehensive and photo-driven masterpiece.

From the very inception to the final production, this groundbreaking book explores every facet of the Savage 99 series, encompassing even the elusive Montreal Home Guard musket used during WWI. Captivating readers with more than 250 vivid color images, it becomes the first-ever publication solely focused on the Model 99’s visual portrayal. Delve into the minutiae of each model, unearthing their unique variations while drawing illuminating comparisons among similar models. Within its pages, myths, misconceptions, and catalog inaccuracies are effectively dispelled, ensuring an accurate and enlightening account of the Savage 99 legacy. For the discerning collector and enthusiast, the book reveals complete production figures meticulously arranged by serial number and year.

Beyond the ordinary, the narrative indulges readers with enthralling insights into special features and the realm of factory-engraved rifles. Notably, it dedicates extensive coverage to the splendid artistry of Enoc Tue, a master engraver of the early 20th century. Delight in the detailed exposition of the distinguished 99K and the revered PE and DE models, as well as the intriguing world of commemorative editions.

ISBN – 978-0-7643-5026-9

160 Pages

Schiffer Publishing Ltd, 2016