Forts, Fights, and Frontier Sites


From Almond Station to Yellowstone National Park, Candy Moulton gives precise, compact histories of Wyoming frontier sites- many that have crumbled into the landscape and nearly faded from memory plus a few that have thrived. Moulton has a gift for cutting through the clutter and getting to the heart of history.

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Here, at last, is a book that explores some of the lesser known historical sites in Wyoming. In her hallmark engaging style, Candy Moulton documents scores of Wyoming way stations, military establishments, battlefields, Pony Express stations, Oregon and Overland Trail sites, military expeditions- even ferries and “hog ranches”. Whether you’re a serious student of Wyoming history or just a casual reader, you must have this book on your shelf. This is history that needs to be preserved and Moulton has faced the task head-on with outstanding results.

ISBN – 978-0-931271-92-2

232 Pages

High Plains Press, 2010