Amee-nah’s story takes place in the 1930s in the mesas and plateaus of Zuni country in New Mexico.

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Zuni Boy Runs the Race of His Life

Ever since he can remember, Amee-nah has dreamed of being a firefighter like his father, who died a hero when Amee-nah was little.

But there is a big obstacle: Amee-nah was born with a clubfoot, making it hard for him to run properly. He hates his twisted foot because it means he is left out of exciting adventures with the other Zuni boys. With all his heart he wishes he could go to sheep camp in the summer, where the boys run the hillsides looking for wolves and bobcats that might trouble the sheep. But even more, Amee-nah longs to compete in the annual stickrace, a grueling 25-mile relay.

Little does Amee-nah know that he is in for the most thrilling summer of his life. After Coach K from the mission school arranges for Amee-nah to have corrective surgery on his foot, will the boy’s dreams begin to come true?

ISBN – 1-880114-15-1

155 Pages

Grandview Publishing Company, 1995