Moho Wat


Moho Wat is from the sheepeater tribe that lives in the mountains of what is now Yellowstone Park.

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Sheepeater Boy Attempts a Rescue

Life is hard for the nine-year-old after a terrible struggle with a mountain lion causes him to lose his left hand.

Although devastated, Moho Wat struggles to overcome his injury and teach himself to hunt—using his feet to hold the bow and arrow. His courage and strength is tested when he attempts to rescue the beautiful Wind Flower, who has been taken captive by an enemy tribe.

Moho Wat realizes he has succeeded when his father says, “My son, today you have proved that you are as good as any man. You have shown your bravery and your goodness. I am proud of you my son, Moho Wat.”

ISBN – 188011413-5

184 Pages

Grandview Publishing Company, 1994