Butch Cassidy: The Wyoming Years


Author Bill Betenson grew up hearing family stories around the campfire about his famous uncle Robert LeRoy Parker, better known as the outlaw Butch Cassidy. Betenson has spent decades asking questions about the life and exploits of Butch Cassidy. He presents new details, raises questions, challenges old assumptions, and presents informed interpretations.

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Author Bill Betenson is the great-grandson of Butch Cassidy’s younger sister Lula. He inherited his great-grandmother’s archives and her interest in setting the record straight. Now he focuses on Butch’s exploits in Wyoming and tries to unravel the sometimes conflicting information with care and honesty. Butch Cassidy is alive for Bill Betenson, and this book brings him to life for readers.

Tenacious researcher Bill Betenson brings new details and interpretations about his great uncle.

ISBN – 978-1-937147-22-8

188 Pages

High Plains Press, 2020