Carl Roters and the Rendezvous Murals


Carl Roters and the Rendezvous Murals recounts the events that led Roters to become a skilled painter and muralist capable of winning the Rockefeller commission. It describes the inventive techniques and materials that Roters developed for the project, such as using handmade polymer paints on gesso to produce strikingly luminous images, and applying thinned oil paints on walnut to incorporate wood grain into the compositions. The book also presents Roters’ subsequent paintings, many of which he produced after Jackson Hole became his home.

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Following the Lewis and Clark expedition, “mountain men” fanned out across the Rocky Mountains to explore the promise of a new frontier, trapping beaver and opening up the trade routes that become the famous Oregon Trail. From 1825 – 40, trappers, traders and American Indians journeyed thousands of miles to the annual Rendezvous, a monthlong gathering for trading, swapping stories, carousing and enjoying all manner of raucous entertainment. Carl Roters’ epic Rendezvous Murals bring to life this colorful era of American history. His vibrant images, created with innovative media and techniques, are published here for the first time.

ISBN – 0-9748030-0-6

149 Pages

Venture Development Group, 2004