The Oregon Trail, Yesterday and Today




Here lies a description of the history of the Oregon Trail- from past to present. It is a unique blend of maps, guides, emigrant diaries and journals, old drawings and paintings, together with recent photographs. This book tells the story of the Oregon Trail in an interesting, easy to read manner and is packed with information for every one, the armchair traveler, the tourist, the historian and the Oregon Trail buff.

The realities of the trail are examined, as the misconceptions that have surrounded it are dispelled. The trail is explored through the eyes of the early emigrants’ art and diaries, which stand as evidence of their experiences and their true amazement as they traveled westward. Old paintings are compared to similar views today as photographed by the author while many of the landmarks along the trail still remain. Learn about he people and events that brought so many people west in the years of its development. Not only will you read about the trail, you will experience it almost as if you were and early emigrant yourself.