“John Baptiste Richard is an important character in both Wyoming and mid-nineteenth century western history. Glass has provided us with an in-depth study of Richard, his family, business partners, and his interactions with native tribes of the area.” – Richard L. Young, Museum Manager, Fort Casper Museum

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John Baptiste Richard, known by the French pronunciation of his last name- Reshaw– , was an opportunist. The early America West was changing fast, and Richard jumped on opportunities before most men even realized they existed.

He was a fearless adrenaline junkie, always on the edge of danger in his many personifications: frontiersman, trapper, Indian trader, whiskey smuggler, toll bridge builder and operator, rancher, Colorado gold rush merchant, military interpreter and scout, reliable friend, ruthless barterer. Though considered a scoundrel by some, he lived by his own code of ethics and helped shape the early West.

ISBN – 978-1-937147-04-4

287 Pages

High Plains Press, 2014