Forty Miles a Day on Beans and Hay


This account of the enlisted men of the United States Regular Army on the frontier, from 1865 to the 1890’s. is not a history of the Indian Wars (which, to be sure, shaped the experiences of these men) but a study of the rank and file who served through the Indian campaigns.

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“Don Rickey, Jr…has turned the spotlight upon the enlisted man of the regular army during the Indian Wars in the West from 1865 to the 1890’s. In addition to examining manuscript and printed diaries, government records, and newspapers, the author was able to consult over 300 living veterans of the Indian Wars, and to obtain information from them by questionnaires and personal interviews. These unique sources have contributed to the composite view of the regular enlisted man who by securing the West duried this frenzied period of expansion made a significant contribution to the development of the nation…This view of the enlisted man adds a new and worthwhile chapter to the history of the West.” –History News

ISBN – 978-0-8061-1113-1

382 Pages

University of Oklahoma Press, 1973