Lost Mines & Buried Treasures of Old Wyoming


As Jameson writes in his preface, “It is a formidable truth that treasure exists exists in Wyoming, treasure that lures and attracts many hopeful questers to the region….[N]ot all are successful, but those ho come away from the experience are richer by far than when they arrived.

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W.C Jameson, one of the leading experts on treasure hinting in the U.S., now turns his attention to Wyoming’s lost fortunes. With his gift for storytelling, he relates intriguing legends and historical accounts about lost gold, buried payrolls, and hidden strongboxes.

Jameson has written more than 60 books on treasure hunting and served as an advisor to Walt Disney Productions on the National Treasure movies starring Nicholas Cage. An amateur treasure hunter in Texas testified in court that he had found a multi-million dollar lost treasure by using only a copy of one of Jameson’s books and Google Earth for directions.

In this book Jameson takes readers on an adventure to the four corners of Wyoming to investigate the Snake River Pothole Gold, the Hallelujah Gulch Robbery Loot, the Lost Treasure of Big Nose George, the Lost Cabin Gold Mine, Nate Champion’s Lost Treasure, and eleven other action-packed tales.

ISBN: 978-0-931271-95-3

144 Pages

High Plains Press, 2010