Hold Tight the Thread


Based on a true story, in a land occupied by foreign powers and torn by confusion and conflict, a mother seeks to weave her family and her past into a fabric that will not tear.




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As the 1840’s bring conflict to the Pacific Northwest’s rugged Columbia Country, new challenges face Marie Dorion Venier Toupin, the wife, mother and Ioway Indian woman who crossed the Rocky Mountains with the Astor expedition, the first big overland expedition after Lewis and Clark’s. On French Prairie in the newly forming Oregon Territory, Marie strives to meet the needs of her conflict-ridden neighbors; British settlers and Americans, missionaries and disease-stricken natives, fur trappers and French-Canadian farming families, and the surviving natives of the region.

At the same time, as a mother, Marie must weave together the threads of an unraveling family. One daughter compares and judges as she seeks to find her place; another reaches for elusive evidence of her mother’s love. As Marie’s memories are threatened with the emergence of a figure from the past, she discovers and empowering spiritual truth: Unconditional love can shed light on even the darkest places in the heart.

ISBN – 978-1-57856-501-6

410 Pages

Waterbrook Press, 2004

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