Winter in the Bunkhouse


Surviving memories of the past defy survival of the fittest in this engaging tale of love and loss.

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When registered nurse Kate Webster loses her husband and four-month-old baby in a car accident, she begins to search for a way to heal and go on with her life. Fond memories of summers spent with her grandparents on their remote ranch in western Wyoming spring to mind as she drives from the Midwest to Jackson to look for a job at the local hospital. Along the way, Kate takes a detour to visit the old ranch, gets caught in a snowstorm, and ends up in a ditch.

Nearly frozen to death, she prays for a miracle and is rescued by two ranch hands. Her past rushes back when she realizes that one of the men is Jake McClary, the one person in the world who left her with bad memories of her sixteenth birthday on the ranch. That evening, the storm worsens, making the road out impassable, and Kate is stuck living the rest of the winter in the Bunkhouse with ornery Jake and his obliging sidekick Charlie.

ISBN – 978-0-9817649-0-0

163 Pages

Seven Cross Lazy L Productions, 2009