In the Image of A.J. Miller


More and more people these days are trying to do re-enactments with a better understanding and with more authentic equipment than ever before. If this book will help any of these folks, even a little, then it will have served its purpose.

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Alfred J. Miller is the only artist known to have painted and sketched the daily happenings of the Rocky Mountain trapper in the year of 1837. To the students of the western fur trade, especially those interested in the beaver hunters of the period 1820-40, Miller’s sketches provide a rare glimpse into the daily happenings, dress, equipment and mode of travel of the famed “mountain men”.

With this book Alfred J. Miller’s most clear and complete drawings and paintings are taken into consideration to reproduce in photographs the clothing and equipment items that they show. In a sense it is a sketchbook, but using photography. A good clear photograph can tell a more complete story compared to a painting.

ISBN – 0-9722308-3-1

72 Pages

Historical Enterprises, 2005