Old Forts Never Die: The Middle Missouri Fur Trade, 1738-1850


The Proceedings of the 2018 National Fur Trade Symposium

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The North Dakota Heritage Center was a most appropriate setting for the National Fur Trade Symposium in 2018. On the state capitol grounds, at the heart of the ancient trading centers on the Middle Missouri, and in the center of the Northern Plains National Heritage Area, professional and amateur historians, scholars of the fur trade, convened to deliver and hear the papers in this volume.

The papers ranged widely, providing varying perspectives into the fascinating era of more-or-less peaceful commerce between people of many nations on the banks of the Missouri River. We see the region from 1738-1850 through lenses of gender roles, borderlands, connections to global commerce, archaeology, science and biography.

390 Pages

Bismarck North Dakota, September 26-29, 2018