Letters of a Woman Homesteader


Letters of a Woman Homesteader consists of twenty-six letters written to a friend back in Denver. It is with these letters Elinore Pruitt is able to describe her experiences.

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As a young widow with a small child, Elinore Pruitt left Denver in 1909 and set out for Wyoming, where she hoped to buy a ranch. Determined to prove that a lone woman could survive the hardships of homesteading, she initially worked as a housekeeper and hired hand for a neighbor–a kind but taciturn Scottish bachelor who she eventually married.

Spring and summers were hard, she concedes, and were taken up with branding, farming, doctoring cattle, and other chores. But with the arrival of fall, Pruitt found time to take her young daughter on camping trips and serve her neighbors as midwife, doctor, teacher, Santa Claus, and friend.

ISBN – 978-0-486-45142-8

130 Pages

Dover Publications, 2006