Old-Fashioned Dutch Oven Cookbook


Did you ever wonder how Lewis and Clark managed to feed a crew of thirty-three young adventurers? “The expedition was,” the author declares, “the best equipped hunting and fishing excursion ever undertaken — and at government expense…And one of the most valued pieces of equipment, toted all the way up the Missouri, across the Bitterroots and down the Columbia to the Pacific, and back home again, was a large sized Dutch Oven.”

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First of its kind in print, this outdoor cookbook specializes in old-fashioned Dutch oven cookery and sourdough recipes. The book explains how to build the right kind of fire, for the best results with a minimum of time and effort. Tempting recipes for hungry fishermen and hunters include pot roasts, mulligan stews, and dishes made fish or various kinds, bear meat, buffalo, venison, upland game birds, rabbit, woodchuck, and many more.

Sourdough recipes include “starters,” flapjacks, and several kinds of biscuits. Don Holm explains about jerky (dried meat), one of the most concentrated edibles known to man. He tells how jerky can be made into pemmican, the perfect outdoor food for the trail.

ISBN – 978-0-87004-133-4

131 Pages

Caxton Press, 2021