A seven-year-old orphaned Lakota boy plays a major role in the events leading up to the Battle of the Little Big Horn.

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Lakota Boy Alerts Sitting Bull

Takini, a young Lakota boy, seems to have received special powers from Wakan Tanka, the Great Mystery. Time after time he miraculously escapes great danger from a charging Great Bear, a raging river, capture by the enemy tribe, and close encounters with “bluecoats” — United States Government soldiers.

Chief Sitting Bull adopts Takini  and watches as he receives messages from a hawk. Takini finds a faithful dog and tames a cranky horse. Together the three friends survive many adventures. But when Takini and Friendly discover a plan to attack the Indian villages and race to warn Sitting Bull, they almost lose their lives. Will Wakan Tanka protect them, or it is time for Takini to give his life to save the tribe?

ISBN – 978-1-880114-22-3

185 Pages

Grandview Publishing Company, 2003

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