The Wild Wyoming Range


This book includes the work of professional photographers, writers, scientists, environmental leaders, and citizens with a common cause: sharing the beauty and wonders of this special place.

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The Wild Wyoming Range is a luscious book in both words and photographs about one of the most spiritual places on the planet- a place of unforgettable natural beauty, landscape, wildlife and western history. A rare, endangered and powerful place that soothes our souls, warms our hearts and repairs our wounded spirits. If ever there were proper words to describe such a magical place, the writers of The Wild Wyoming Range have accomplished just that. Many have traveled through, some have visited while others stayed- yet none have been left untouched. A book of memories, poetry, passion and exquisite imagery- as close as one can get without being there. – Tom Mangelsen

ISBN – 978-0-980007-0-8

119 Pages

Laguna Wilderness Press, 2013