On Fly-Fishing The Wind River Range


On Fly-Fishing The Wind River Range: Essays and What not to Bring

Remote & Untamed

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With remote waterways and unpressured trout, Wyoming’s Wind River Range is the backcountry fly angler’s mecca. In the alpine lakes and streams, trout may approach a dry fly two or more at a time, and an angler can cast for days without seeing another person, let alone another angler. But more than just a place to catch lots of fish, the range is also a place to disconnect from noise and networks and reconnect with oneself. In a series of essays on misfortunate father-and-son backpacking trips, disaffected Boy Scouts, psychotropic deep-woods epiphanies and many other topics, author Chadd VanZanten offers not only a survey of the fishing and history of the Wind Rivers but a tour of personal landscapes as well.

ISBN – 978-1-4671-4043-0

144 Pages

The History Press, 2018