When Skins were Money: A History of the Fur Trade By James A. Hanson


“A most interesting and fast moving book. The author has taken the opportunity to dispel the legends, such as the price of a trade gun was a pile of furs as high as the length of the barrel. It is refreshing to read a study by one who has spent a lifetime reading fur trade journals, instead of a writer who decided to write a book on the fur trade and then hired a crew of researchers.” -S. James Gooding

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This is the first one-volume account of the fascinating enterprise that was North America’s first business. Highly readable and always engaging, When Skins Were Money rescues the history of the North American fur trade  from the dustbin of academia. Within it’s twenty-one chapters-each a fascinating essay-and through the use of over 140 maps and illustrations-most in color-modern readers will discover the fur trade’s central role and lasting legacy. Author James Hanson has dedicated his life to making history interesting, accessible, and square with the facts. -R. Eli Paul

ISBN – 0-912611-05-7

215 Pages

Museum of the Fur Trade, 2017