A Tribe That Ate Sheep

Did you know, that before Yellowstone was a National Park a group of Native Americans called the Shoshone or “Sheep Eaters” inhabited the area. Contrary to popular belief, this tribe was quite inventive, and intelligent. Instead of using horses to carry and pack in their belongings they used very large dogs. These dogs were quite loyal companions and very well behaved. Unlike other dogs that would hang around Indian camps, the Shoshone dogs would never get into food, or run away from their masters. The dog’s labor was essential to sheep eater survival so it was common that the dogs would be fed first at meal time.

Another unique feature of this tribe is that their main weapon was the sheep horn bow. These bows were considered a thing of beauty as they were skillfully made with either sheep, elk or buffalo horn and decorated with porcupine quills and/or snake skin. A fine trade item they were well sought out.
We have an original sheep horn bow on display at the museum. And the book featured below by Lawrence L. Loendorf and Nancy Medaris Stone is quite fascinating as each chapter goes into depth, the detail of these creative and caring people.    Click Here to order this book!