Competitive Struggle: America’s Western Fur Trading Posts, 1764-1865


In this unique work, R.G. Robertson traces this colorful through Indian factories and trading posts such as Fort Union, Spokane House, Fort Osage, Bent’s Fort, Buzzards’ Roost, and more. John Jacob Astor, Andrew Henry, Kenneth McKenzie, Alexander Harvey, and Pierre Chouteau, Jr. are but a few of the visionaries and scoundrels whose stories are told.

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Competitive Struggle recounts the 101-year history of America’s western fur trade. From the founding of St. Louis in 1764 through 1865, the demand for beaver pelts and buffalo robes spawned a competitive fervor that enveloped mountain men, traders, national governments, and Native Americans.

ISBN – 978-0-87004-510-3

330 Pages

Caxton Press, 1999