The Indian Tipi


The Sioux word tipi is formed of ti, meaning to dwell or live, and pi meaning used for; thus, tipi means to live in.

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The Indian Tipi – Its History, Construction, and Use.

This book will show you how to make, use, and enjoy the best of all movable shelters, the Indian tipi or tepee. The American Indian was a strictly practical man. But he was also a born artist. As a result, his inventions are commonly as beautiful as they are serviceable. Sometimes we can make these of more durable materials, but we could never improve on the design.

The most notable contributions to civilization are the canoe, snowshoe, moccasin and the tipi. Imitation is the sincerest form of  flattery. Many used the tipi for a place of shelter. A staple of an item that is still used today.

ISBN – 978-0-8061-2236-6

343 Pages

University of Oklahoma Press, 1957