Wyoming Trivia


Where is the only place to find answers to 1,318 questions about Wyoming? Here!

Wyoming Trivia: The most incredible, unbelievable, wild, weird, fun, fascinating, and true facts about Wyoming!

You’ll be amazed and amused!

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Where can you find ringing rocks, vanishing rivers, and the world’s only hand-dug oil well? Where you can find ghorouds and ergs? Where can you find cement trucks mixing pancake batter? Why, in wide, wonderful Wyoming, of course — home of Broken Nose McCall and Big Nose Parrot, Bad Hand MacKenzie and Captain Kangaroo. In Wyoming Trivia you’ll find the state’s most famous and infamous artists, writers, actors, cowboys, Indians, politicians, and outlaws — and its biggest, smallest, tallest, shortest, most, least, first, last, and more! If you’ve ever wondered how man Dead Men are in Wyoming, or how the first yellow pages came about, or where to celebrate Potato Days, then crack the cover of Wyoming Trivia.

ISBN – 978-1-931832-81-6

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Riverbend Publishing, 2008