Steamboat Legendary Bucking Horse


Steamboat! Symbol of the West’s Spirit.

Steamboat, The Legendary Bucking Horse, was never conquered. The spirit of the horse — fiery, free, and determined — captured the imagination of people of Wyoming and the West. Steamboat became a symbol.

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Candy and Flossie Moulton present the story behind this horse whose likeness is the symbol of Wyoming seen on the state s license plates and as the University of Wyoming logo. The book traces the history of the bucking horse from his youth on the Two Bar outfit of the Swan Land and Cattle Company through his rise to the undisputed World Champion Bucking Horse. Was Steamboat the horse who “wouldn’t be rode?” Which men climbed aboard the horse? Who is the cowboy atop the horse on the famous logo on the Wyoming license tag? How is Steamboat connected to Cheyenne Frontier Days, the notorious range detective Tom Horn, and the Irwin Brothers Wild West Show?

ISBN – 978-0-931271-19-9

192 Pages

High Plains Press, 1992