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In Wyoming, with 23 counties, Sublette is proud to be number 23! When numbers were originally assigned way back when, to be placed on license plates, they were assigned not based upon population, but based upon county assessed valuation. And, at this point, Sublette was the poorest in the state.

A lot has changed over the years and now, thanks to oil and gas production, we are among the wealthiest counties in Wyoming. But wealth is best not measured by money, but by a different kind of riches — quality of life, enjoyment of life, happiness, family, friends and neighbors. All traits which are part of our daily life in Sublette County.

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Sublette County, Wyoming, is colloquially known as “God’s Country.” It is also thought of as that place on the far side of the Wind River Mountains. To go somewhere, you first have to start by going in the opposite direction. It is remote and sometimes relegated to simply a place en route to the larger city of Jackson. However, its remote nature blesses it with a tremendous variety of flora and fauna, many of which are beautiful in their untouched nature.

Discovered by Native Americans, they regarded it as a place of abundant wildlife and clean water which was a wonderful place to summer. Then came the mountain men, fur trappers and goods traders, who held six of their famous annual supply-trading Rocky Mountain Rendezvous gatherings in Sublette County. The area remains a truly special place with long winters, non-existent springs, but summers and falls that bless the senses. The author endeavors to capture and showcase the raw beauty of the place he calls home.

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