Annie’s Story The Extraordinary Life


The underlying strength of this work is the extraordinary collection of privately held letters, diaries, and written reminiscences by the hand of Annie Ruff – never before published – all wonderfully expressivemissives that easily facilitate the willing reader being cast headlong into her era.

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Annie Elizabeth Dougherty Ruff lived an extraordinary life – by any measure. Indeed, Annie Ruff was one of very few individuals, male or female, to undertake a traverse of the expansive American frontier on both the Oregon and the Santa Fe Roads. As the wife of captain Charles Frederick Ruff, she trekked to Fort Vancouver in 1849, in company with the U.S. Army Mounted Riflemen. In the latter 1850’s, she traveled the length of the Santa Fe Road on multiple occasions, accompanying her husband to his distant posts during the campaigns of the U.S. Army against Indians of the Southwest.

ISBN – 978-1-4951-5709-7

695 Pages

Sam Clark Publishing Co., 2015