The Fur Hunters Of The Far West


Volume 20 in the American exploration and travel series.

“A very human tale told with a directness that lends conviction…some of the most thorough and perceptive descriptions of the far western frontier and its inhabitants- both Indian and animal- are to be found in Ross’s account.” -Utah Historical Quarterly

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This edition of Alexander Ross’s journals offers a completely authentic account of the earliest attempts by men of European background to come to grips with the climate, geography, and inhabitants of the Northwest at a time when resourcefulness and daring were prime virtues.      Ross’s narrative also contains an on-the-scene interpretation of the conflict between American and British interests, their rivalry for the vast wealth in Northwest furs, the conflict between free trade and corporate enterprise in the wilderness, and the conflict with the North West Company.

Ross himself- a Scotsman by birth, at one time a trader for John Jacob Astor and the Americans- emerges as one of the heroic figures of both American and British frontier history. He recounts with frankness, keen perspective, and a fine sense of humor the human adventures of which he was a part.

ISBN: 978-0-8061-3392-8

304 Pages

University of Oklahoma Press, 1956