Gun Accessories & Hand Weapons of the Fur Trade


The Encyclopedia of Trade Goods

Volume 2 – Gun Accessories & Hand Weapons of the Fur Trade

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This volume is 442 pages long, with 671 illustrations, most in color. It has eighteen chapters covering fighting knives, bayonets, dag knives, pipe tomahawks, arrowpoints, lances, Missouri war axes, spike tomahawks, swords, powder horns, flasks, hunting pouches, and armor.

Other subjects include gun powder, lead, bullet molds, cartridges and loading tools, gun parts, wood, percussion caps, gun flints, gunstock clubs, and knife clubs.

There is a full index and an appendix dealing with the changing chronology of trade goods over several centuries. A second appendix reproduces artist George Catlin’s observations on Indian weapons. – Museum of the Fur Trade

ISBN – 9780-9126-11-19-8

Museum of the Fur Trade, 2021