Rocky Mountain Rendezvous By Fred R. Gowans


“For fur-trade scholars the book is important as a guide to rendezvous sites. For casual readers or newcomers to Western history, it serves as a fine introduction to a hard time in a hard country-a time that today is covered with a patina of romance.” – The American West



An all-new redesigned edition of the original classic on the fur-trading rendezvous that took place from 1825 to 1840 in the Central Rockies. These rendezvous were originally commercial gathering where furs were traded for necessities such as traps, guns, horses, and other supplies. But more and more thy became rich social events at which all kinds of human emotion were on display.

Carefully crafted  and complied from primary sources,  Rocky Mountain Rendezvous includes fascinating text by Fred R. Gowans accompanied by firsthand accounts of the rendezvous from scientists, artists, military personnel, government explorers, and missionaries. The descriptions are illustrated with maps, photographs, and drawings.