Halfway Between Heaven and Hell


Halfway Between Heaven and Hell

A Journey of a Pioneer Family from Halfway, Wyoming

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Hattie Haley Johnson and her family settled and survived in the rural West when the region was no longer considered a wild frontier; but it wasn’t truly civilized, either. From the late nineteenth century until deep into the Great Depression, horses were vital for work and transportation, electricity  was a dream, and the strength of a man’s back defined his ability to support his family.

Hattie’s life was full f challenges and hard work, but it also brimmed with adventure and variety. She ranched, raised children, helped her husband, Frank Johnson, run a freight operation between Jackson Hole and Idaho, and migrated from southwest Wyoming to the Canada border and back again. Through it all, she nourished herself and those around her with a caring spirit and sense of humor. That is why her story is so compelling.

“How in the world did they do it?” we often wonder. Hattie’s story will show you how.

ISBN – 0-9768113-5-9

148 Pages

Sublette County Historical Society, 1980

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