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Neil McMurry’s story is important because the history and economics of Wyoming would not be the same without him.

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This biography clearly illustrates what an individual with both ambition and high moral standards can accomplish.

W.N. “Neil” McMurry grew up in Depression-era Casper, Wyoming, survived the freezing turret of a B-17 Flying Fortress dodging flak over Germany, and has persevered through the booms and bust of Wyoming’s business environment. His companies have built much of the state’s infrastructure and were instrumental in opening the huge gas fields of the Jonah Prospect and Pinedale Anticline. With an eye on Wyoming’s future, he has continued to develop new companies and ventures into the twenty-first century.

By assuming responsibility, taking personal risks, and working incredibly hard, Neil McMurry became a true entrepreneur. But most importantly, he has succeeded through honest business practices and by caring about the people around him.

As we struggle with the fallout from one of our nation’s worst recessions, brought on by unethical business dealings, it is refreshing to read about those who have achieved their goals with their characters intact. Neil McMurry is proof that it can be done.

Neil also believes that financial success is accompanied by an obligation to give back. Neil’s foresight and philanthropy have directly benefited thousands of people, especially those whom he respects the most: the hard-working men and women of Wyoming. He is a role model for all.

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