Summer and Sagebrush


Brimming with humor, suspense, and the rustic details of traditional ranching in western Wyoming, vividly portrays the life and love that Jake and Kate build together. Indeed, only true love will enable them to face their biggest challenge: how to pass their values and experience along to their children, so that the next generation maintains a connection to the land that has sustained them.

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Kate Webster becomes Mrs. Jake McClary. Along with faithful ranch hand, Charlie, and good ranching neighbors, they embark on a rewarding but oftentimes challenging life together. Spanning four decades, this volume follows Kate and Jake as they experience the joys and perils of raising children and cattle on their remote ranch in Sublette County, Wyoming. Progress, in the form of electricity, phone service, and motorized equipment, makes life easier and fulfills the family’s growing needs. Seasons come and go as do the births of grandchildren and the inevitable funerals of loved ones.

ISBN – 978-0-9817649-1-7

284 Pages

Seven Cross Lazy L Productions, 2011