Life in the Far West


Life in the Far West is adventure extraordinary–the true chronicle of the rugged Mountain Men, whose courage and disregard for personal safety or comfort opened the Far West to the flood of settlers who were to follow.

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In this classic of western Americana, George Frederick Ruxton, who died in Saint Louis in 1848 at the youthful age of twenty-seven, brilliantly brings to life the heroic age of the Mountain Man. The author, from his intimate acquaintance with trappers and traders of the American Far West, vividly recounts the story of two of the most adventurous of these hardy pioneers — Killbuck and La Bonte, whose daring bravery, and hairbreadth escapes from their many Indian and “Spaniard” enemies were legend among their fellow frontiersmen.

ISBN – 978-0-8061-1534-4

252 Pages

University of Oklahoma Press, 1951