Parker’s Exploring Tour: Beyond the Rocky Mountains


Parker provides detailed information on the American Fur Company and of the amazing activities and program of the Hudson’s Bay Company, with an account of their activities into a rounded schedule of agriculture, exploration and trading.

Map of the Oregon Territory included.

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Samuel Parker represents the ideal as a tourist. He had time for leisurely study, and he was interested in all facets of the new country of the American West. He was concerned with the life of the Indian and the frontiersman…their habits of life, their customs and their ways of gaining a livelihood. He had room in his thoughts to pity the Indian in a day when it was popular to believe “the only good Indian was a dead Indian,” and he writes his journal with both sympathy and understanding.

Parker’s account of the many Indian tribes encountered and their varied attitudes in contact with the white man is detailed and valuable, and his descriptions of the land, its agriculture, animal life and its geology combine to make this journal one of the prime source books on the American Westward Movement. The accompanying map is the earliest accurately to show the interior of Oregon.

Originally published in 1838, it is now presented in exact facsimile in a limited edition of 2,000 copies.

380 Pages

Ross & Haines, 1967