Plains Indian and Mountain Man Arts and Crafts II: An Illustrated Guide


A wonderful book for those interested in the Plains & Mountain Indians and for those whose talents lead them to make things with their hands.

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This handbook is an exciting encore to Charles Overstreet’s first highly successful “how-to” book. It explores the arts and crafts of the early Plains and Mountain Indians of North America by providing instructions for replicating some of their more interesting crafts as well as historical information on each one.

Employing traditional and modern methods, this complete how-to manual features 40 projects ranging from a Blackfoot Fish Trap to a Wind River Shoshone Wolf Hat. Using this guides easy to follow instructions and illustrations, re-creation of these historical items becomes a simple task. The hobbyist is provided with a carefully selected variety of items that can be made with very little out of pocket expense. The author has thoroughly researched each project and has consulted with members of various Indian tribes to assure the authenticity of each item.

ISBN – 0-943604-51-6

109 Pages

Eagle’s View Publishing, 1996