Roadside History of Wyoming


Wyoming: Heart of the Rockies

High atop America there is a place so rugged and wild it grabs your heart and spirit and soul: Wyoming, land of the cowboy. The state is a sensation of endless space and unchanged time.

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The vast expanses of Wyoming’s seemingly empty landscapes belie the turbulent events and colorful characters that make up the state’s rich past. Roadside History of Wyoming explores the people who made history and what they did to merit remembrance. Well-researched, well-told stories are set against the dramatic backdrop of the land itself to reveal how Wyoming’s natural environment affected human activity  through time.

To know Wyoming is to experience its physical presence, and there’s no better way to do that than by driving its roads and learning its history. This telling of Wyoming history goes beyond typical episodes of male-dominated politics and economics. Here the social fabric of the state is exposed in an array of intricate colors and patterns — women, Native Americans, and a surprising assortment of minorities figure prominently is this history of the Cowboy State.

ISBN – 978-0-87842-316-3

416 Pages

Mountain Press Publishing Company, 1995