Savage Model 1895, 1899 & 99 Rifles – Volume 2 Engraved and Special Feature Models


This new volume is a perfect addition to the bookshelves of those who enjoyed the author’s earlier book on the Savage 99, as well as those who collect and appreciate engraved and special-edition weapons.

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Author of the definitive A Collector’s Guide to the Savage 99 Rifle and Its Predecessors, the Model 1895 and 1899, David Royal now presents the beautiful and elaborately engraved variants of the 99. Although widely perceived as utilitarian, Savage’s Models 1895, 1899, and 99 were often ornamented by gifted artisans. Nine of Savage’s first model, the 1895, were manufactured by Marlin and engraved by their in-house engraver, Conrad Ulrich. Photographs of six of these rifles are included, along with an extensive biography of the Ulrich family of engravers. The Model 1899s were engraved by Enoch Tue and featured a great variety of engraving and a long list of other enhancements. This is considered the heyday of engraved Savages, and all of Tue’s styles are covered here. The Model 99s were available with engraving sporadically until the end of Savage 99 production, and these later iterations are also discussed in detail.

ISBN – 978-0-7643-6478-5

304 Pages

Schiffer Military Publishing, 2022